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tv   KPIX 5 News on the CW  CW  January 19, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm PST

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nfc championship to the seahawks. and it's time to y 'there s always kaepernick ends up with crabtree as this game is over. >> literally in their grasp fir the the niners, they handed the championships to the seahawks. >> i'm ananias we have live coverage starting with ken bastida in colorado. ken, such a heartbreaking way to end the season. >> yeah, i agree. let's go back and look at it again. i don't like the outcome. can we do a doover? i guess it takes about 12, 15, 18, 20 hours to get over something like this. niner fans, it'll be better this time tomorrow night. a lot of 49er fans made the trip up here to the the great pacific northwest. after the game they took their defeat with class.
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>> yeah, let's bring it. oh! 40, 60, 80, 100. seahawks, seahawks. super bowl, baby. >> brokenhearted, depressed. >> how are you feeling right now? >> we'll be discouraged. >> we were close for three straight turnovers, but what can i say? >> that just killed them? >> that's right. it's an intense play to play. as a fan coming on the road and as a player i could not imagine that. >> yeah, it sucks, it really does. >> i'm on the way to new york, baby. >> reporter: from the heart, how are you feeling? >> it is a big holder for ten years. >> are you crying man, are you crying? go ahead, tell me.
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>> i am green and blue. sorry. >> this is really funny because we've been in town for four days. we've talked to a lot of seahawks and 49ers fans. it's a lot of love. there's no hate. >> it's a beauty. like great football. >> great football. that close. >> reporter: i had to explain to the seahawks guy that they won the game, stop crying. they're going to the super bowl. >> a very enation mall time. >> yeah, emotions go both ways. >> i've been to a lot of super bowl victories and the 49ers are still not able to cash in. they get to the championship once again and for the second year in a row, their season will end with colin kaepernick looking for michael crabtree and here is how it came down.
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kaepernick had a chance for the game-winning touchdown drive in the final minute. but the star breaks up the path to the end zone as malcolm smith is there for the reception and kaepernick turns it over three times in the fourth quarter as the seahawks are moving on to the super bowl and they are making sure that they knew he was responsible for the deciding plays. >> the final play, take me through it. >> well i'm the best one in the game. that's the result that you're going to get. don't you ever talk about me. >> who was talking about me? don't you open your mouth or i'm going to shut it for you real quick. >> he's a tv guy, i'm not a tv guy, i play ball. >> richard sherman, you're going to the super bowl, buddy. >> and so once again the 49ers will go down in defeat and richard sherman always likes to
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talk about victories. accounting for 283 yards of offense, but the ratings as a quarterback was low. with the fumble and two interceptions. they are wondering why they didn't slow it down. >> you've got a couple towards the end of the game with two touchdowns. coach harbaugh, where were you? call the time-out and get your team together and talk about what you need to do. slow things down a little bit. the game is not going to run away unless you let it run away. >> it was an enation mall scene in the 49ers locker room again where the door opens and bowman was coming through on crutches tearing his acl late in the game. >> and so it is going to take him into the beginning of next week. >> i'm keeping a souvenir from the trip though. these are the ear plugs as it was loud in here.
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you know what, hats off seattle seahawks and their 12th man as they did it. >> yes, back to you. >> classy. a lot of people are talking about sherman and at lo of niner fan -- and a lot of niner fans. talk about what sherman said after the game. >> yeah, you don't want to shoot your mouth off, but taken in the context that it was given. he was very excited after coming against a victorious battle against the 49ers. sometimes you say things you regret later on. i don't think that he meant it to sound the way that it did. it is exuberance, let's call it that. >> reporter: it is emotional richard sherman. he wears his patch on his sleeves and some of the 49ers will trash talk as well. so it is not uncommon, but it's a great rivalry. >> it's a great game. >> two great teams in the same division and it will be this way for years to come. >> all right, ken and dennis,
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thank you. well, fans here in the bay area are absorbing a loss on that live in san francisco. don, you talked to a lot of fans tonight and i'm assuming their reactions are as predictable as the weather forecast. >> reporter: yeah, you've got it. that's right. some might see an upside to all of this with no celebration or buses burned. but it was a heartbreaker. >> going nuts just after the niners first goal. could they speak anymore pumped up. >> reporter: folks have been anxious waiting for this game. more anxious than what you might have imagined. >> i've been anxious for a week, but ninners will pull it out. >> anxious and hopeful. >> we're ready to take quest number 6. we're strong and
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healthy. not everyone was uptight. and with the niners scoring again, well, it is just the most wonderful thing. [ cheering ] fans cheer during the moon as the niners lost the game. >> it was a tough loss that i thought we had in the end. it's going to be a long offseason. >> absolutely heartbreaking, but the niners will bring it back next year. >> to come so close, to come within 10 yards of winning is that game and then to have it taken away like that. it's tough, it's tough. but we'll come back next year. >> we'll come back next year. >> reporter: besides the loss, everyone seems to be final guessing the play, if only if anything. reporting live in -- live in
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san francisco, don knapp, kpix 5. >> reporter: still waiting on the team with some good company, meaning die hard 49ers fans. look at them behind me. they are surprisingly in good spirits tonight with a dose of disappointment, no doubt about it. but impressive to see them after such a heartbreaking fan. there will be more coming on the minute as i have gotten to know some of them over the last few weeks as they are always out here. when they leave for the game they are here. when they come home, they are here as they are dressed in red and gold and shouting encouragements, waving their signs through the take and thin, win and lose. the most faithful. just listen to the heartfelt emotion and the devotion. >> that's right. i want them to feel our love.
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no school tomorrow. that's why we're all here in force. and showing the team that we love them. >> like i said it's a pleasure with all the fans in a grace land. this is it for the niner fans. >> i love it. all right, so we are still waiting on the team. no signs for the buses quite yet. but they are no , ma'am ire but they are still winners. >> all right, thank you and the luck will continue for the san francisco mayor ed lee. this is what he had to say tonight. san francisco is proud of our hometown heros. we can't wait until kickoff next season at the new levi stadium as we continue our quest forsix. go niners. seattle will face denver in super bowl xlviii two weeks
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from today. peyton manning and company won today with a 26-16 win over the new england patriots in the nfc championships. meanwhile -- we are looking at the water situation in california. having extreme drought conditions. the governor has declared a state of energy. usage is now limited to 150 gallons a day for a family of four. and outdoor watering has been banned. people in the sacramento area have been asked to cut their usage by 20% to 30%. folsom lake is just 18% full right now. investigators are removing a plane cash there. they could not see so much, but they would come away with a new lead. >> we are going to regroup with several images that were captured at various points in
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the lakes that we'll go ahead and evaluate. a >> searchers plan to use the images to help figure out where to resume the search in the future. some people are turning to a higher power with a help. the worshipers here at this mosque gathered today to pray for rain as they invited the public to join them. the special service was organized in response to the nearby colby fire, which burned about two dozen acres, destroying five homes. john shows us an early tribute today in san francisco. >> reporter: commemorating dr. martin luther king is always important to san francisco's glide memorial church. not just because of race, but the commitment of the people that come here. >> because what i want to do is change the world. i want to change the people and the community and the neighborhood. and i want people to be changed. church pastor williams marched
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with king during the civil rights movement. he says despite king's relentless drive, he was an impatient man. >> and he represent raising the question as you might -- as you might have a different look, just to spend time together. >> i think what you're seeing is just people who are hungry for that diversity and that experience of having everyone around them. everyone who he has represented in san francisco. >> reporter: this is the time each year when americans ask themselves how far have we come and how much further have we to go? >> there has been an affect, you know what i'm saying? that is still trickling on. the playing field is not easing yet. >> i think it is something that we would truly be beginning that process of martin luther king, the kickoff point. i think it's a change of
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generation because people that are my age, we have to leave it to the people that didn't grow up with the same kind of stereotypes that they did. it's been said that real change happens through evolution, not revolution. so perhaps that dr. king's dream could only be realized by the people who grow up in a different world, rather than just imagining one. in france, john ramos, kpix -- in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. to another happy ending to the basket story. now you see it, the mysterious object processed out of nowhere on the surface of mars. meanwhile back on this planet, you'll need a telescope to find any sign and you know what that it may be hard with the forecast coming up. ,, good. good answer.
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forward to a fresh start. next season.. at well after tonight's heartbreaker in seattle, the 4ers are looking for a fresh start. >> yeah, they will get it next week in the brand new stadium. it is not just the football fans who are looking forward to it. but for the nearby businesses,
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it could be a real 49ers gold rush. >> reporter: directly across the street from levi stadium is david's restaurant, where patricia sullivan has been working 21 years now. >> there was no stadium when i was here for many years. >> reporter: but when that day comes and levi's does open. this restaurant won't be caught off guard. >> and with the large amount of people that are going to be at the stadium will definitely be more employees. they will be catering to the 49ers cloud. around the block, bennigan is bracing for a new kind of crowd with less business people and more sports fans. >> we appreciate the increase of our business. >> reporter: michelle is the shift manager. staying tight lift about the exact plans for the game day, but she does have a clear new vision for the restaurant. a home for proud 49er fans and possibly a tailgating space outside the restaurant.
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>> it will be insane for sure. >> reporter: ricky hall lives in santa clara, hoping that it will bring a new variety of business to the south bay neighborhood. >> it is more industrial in this neighborhood. i would like to see more bouncing out of places to eat and to have fun. >> reporter: but with more entertainment and more people also comes more headaches. and thearchy -- and it will be one that we can see. >> they will build, you know, they have no parking and then i think that it will be better. >> reporter: in santa clara, mark kelly, kpix 5. scientists are baffled by something that finally showed up on the surface of mars. one minute there was nothing in front of the mars rover, and then a rock appeared. they are now investigating, trying to figure out where it came from and what it is made
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of. >> it's little green men. it's little green men. other than that the martian teenagers. that's an expensive little thing to fool with. temperatures at mostly clear, in the lower 40s. 48 in lakeland. and santa rosa at 40 degrees. today's highs, getting up to 72 at oakland, 79 down at gilroy. in morgan hill, 78 degrees. in salinas it hit 80. it's january. those numbers are more typical of june and out the door tomorrow morning we'll get off to a chilly start. mid-30s inland around the bay. these numbers are for about 8:00 tomorrow morning. at the coast we'll be in the lower 50s. tomorrow, martin luther king jr. day, unseasonably warm temperatures ranging from the mid-60s to the lower 70s. here is what's happening with the low pressure out in the pacific looking fairly robust, ends up not looking too much for them at all. this time across and they hit
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that ridge of the high pressure as long as they hang in, we're looking at warm and dry whether and it looks -- weather and it looks like it will be remaining into next weekend. and finally it looks as if there will be a strong enough low pressure to kind of take a bite off the top of the high pressure. but still, it is the next 90 days on average for the cpc, predicting drier than normal outlook for february through april. and this is suppose to be the wettest january of the year as it will be going down, i'm sorry, january, it is suppose to be the wettest month of the year. this will go down as the driest month on record. mostly sunny at the airport at 67 degrees. new york's got partly cloudy skies at 43. it's going to snow at chicago. overnight lows, it will be chilly at fairfield, 35 atlivermore. we're still above average for the readings tomorrow. livermore 14 degrees above
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average. san jose is 9 degrees above their average high for the time of the year. 71 at cupertino tomorrow. east bay will wake up to the sunshine tomorrow morning and temperatures will recover to the mid to upper 60s for the most part. livermore does nudge 70. up in the north bay, ratings in the mid to upper 60s as well. 56 degrees at the? and 67 at san rafael. up in the far north, they will hit 69 tomorrow. and around clear lake, we'll be in the 70 degrees through wednesday. then the low pressure trough will come in and clouds things up a little bit. but we're not expecting anything from that. just slightly cooler temperatures bit weekend as we go back to more sunshine and temperatures in the mid-60s. by the early part of next week, it will be a week from tomorrow. maybe we'll finally see that ridge begin to break down. and stay tuned for that.
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we'll have sports, i think you know the headline already after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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he loves me! that's right. [ mom ] warm and flaky in 15, everyone loves pillsbury grands! [ girl ] make dinner pop! it is 1966 and this is abc. >> when bat kid swooped into action in san francisco back in november, he also swooped hearts across the nation. >> tonight, another bay area couple is picking up the tab for the city's expenses. they sent the city a check for $105,000. thanks to the make a wish foundation, san francisco
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transformed itself into gotham city for the bay and made miles scott's dream of becoming a super hero come true. >> attention of citizens of gotham. the super bowl is set. and guess who is not a part to have. yeah. recap is coming. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ dad ] jan? bowl... ...2 weeks from tonight... the opponent cam the ex it is an early 1-2-point favorite to win the super bowl two weeks from tonight. and the opponent? they came at the expense of the 49ers in seattle. jim harbaugh's emotions, they were on display all afternoon. 49ers had a four-point lead. and this is the fourth quarter play. russell wilson, a dart on 4th down and jermaine grabs it away
10:27 pm
from carlos rogers. 35-yard play. and you've got one coach that is shocked and another one is ecstatic. leading them on the potential winning drive late in the game and here is the play selection. with a double coverage. tipped by richard sherman. held in by malcolm smith and intended for michael crabtree. and that play is going to haunt the 49ers all season as they are out, 23-17. and so the seahawks, they will be playing peyton manning who on the outside, whipped against tom brady. manning with two touchdowns, 400 yards as the broncos are going back for the first time since 1998. and now the team president who was still the quarterback. the controlled tom brady. and the pats, their final of 26- 16. >> and how interesting is the super bowl going to be between seattle and denver? >> i mean, you know, it is because of sports that i have
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to. but outside of peyton manning, nothing sexy about this match up at all. >> we'll see you at 11:00. good night. ,,,,,,,,,,
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